Why I do this

A teacher friend asked me to talk to her class about being a potter. I agreed but asked if I could give a pottery lesson, after taking the class I instantly knew that this is what I wanted to do. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction, it was enjoyable, rewarding and above all the children loved it.


What I offer...

Creativity, passion and artistic skills... but most of all an opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to be creative. Using clay is great fun, and as you can make a simple 'pinch' pot using just your hands it is also instantly rewarding.


I can tailor sessions to fit in with the curriculum and will work with teaching staff to complement and enhance current projects and work plans.



I have an honours degree in graphic design, but more importantly... I have experience working in the design industry for nearly 30 years as an art director, photographer and graphic designer. Being a freelancer has enabled me to pursue my passion for pottery which started at school. I work one day a week at Le Strange Old Barns in Hunstanton where I throw pots on the wheel, give demonstrations and sell my work.



£40 per hour plus expenses. I can supply all specialist materials including clay, glazes and tools, and can also fire ceramic work in my kiln. (Materials charged at cost price).

Full DBS check and Public Liability insurance.

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